Stuart has earned his sea legs working as an illustrator and designer in the ever-changing choppy waters of this creative industry since the late 1990s – this makes him feel a little bit old – but mostly just very thankful that every day he gets to do what he loves doing.

Being raised on a robust diet of colouring books, crayons and Hanna Barbera cartoons didn’t hurt him – in fact it was exactly this formative visual nurturing along with a developing sponge-like-mind for influences from Saul Bass to Patrick Caulfield to Erik Nitsche that helped Stuart evolve a professional respect for the power of a bold colour and the significance of white space. 

As a well seasoned professional Stuart proudly boasts a client list that includes American Airlines, BMW, Panasonic, Selfridges Department Store and Virgin. He has also created work for high-profile clients such as Quirk Books, Penguin Publishing and Sainsbury’s Supermarket.

When Stuart’s not composing dire nautical metaphors or talking in the third person, he can be found working at his shared studio in Melbourne in order to avoid the social cabin fever of working from home.

If his folio floats your boat, or if you would just like to say ahoy! – He would be happy to hear from you.


+61 (0)415 286 859

instagram: @holmesillustration 


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